Pamela Anderson Poses For 14th Time In Playboy’s Final Nude Issue

Back in October Playboy announced that their final nude print issue would be slated for Dec/January, after which their nude spreads would only be available online. Who, you may wonder — could fill the significant shoes (or lack of shoes) for the final nude feature in the iconic publication?

None other than Pamela Anderson, friends with Hugh, and a veteran who’s now posed for them upwards of 14 times. Anderson said she received a call from Hugh’s attorney that said:

“We don’t want anybody else. There’s nobody else, could you do the last cover of Playboy?”

To which she immediately and enthusiastically agreed, but only after asking her now-grown sons how they felt about it all. Worried they might feel embarrassed or uncomfortable, she said she was relieved and warmed when her sons  immediately supported her decision.

Her 19-year-old son Brandon immediately assured her of his support, saying, “Mom, you’ve got to do it. We’re older, we’re not embarrassed of you. You know, we think you’re great.”

The younger son, 17-year-old Dylan chimed in saying: “Mom, you know you’ve done it all.”

With the combination of her  sons’ support and the favoritism by Playboy, Anderson felt honored and had a blast on set, taking off her clothes and rolling down a hill as a celebration of her tenure and a way to say, “Au revoir, Playboy!”
H/T: Huffington Post