Joanna Angel Details Being Abused By Ex James Deen, While 2 More Actresses Come Forward Alleging Rape

Yesterday, porn actress and entrepreneur Joanna Angel (center) appeared on the Jason Ellis Show on SiriusXM to detail, for the first time, the years of emotional and physical abuse she endured while dating James Deen from 2006-2012. At times speaking in a quivering voice, Angel was clear about her current feelings towards her ex: “I have nothing nice to say about him.” The interview comes on the heels of multiple rape allegations against Deen, which started to pour in after Stoya, whom he dated after Angel, tweeted the first allegation on Saturday. Angel has vocal in her support of Stoya and all the other women.

While Angel says she was never raped by Deen, his alleged treatment of her paints a portrait of a deeply controlling narcissist, who would suddenly switch from being charming, funny and sweet in public, to an abusive and cruel “monster” in private. Angel described having her head held underwater by Deen to the point where she almost passed out, being shoved and thrown to the ground, and waking up multiple times in the middle of the night with Deen choking her in his sleep.

“I would wake up in the middle of the night, he would be choking me. I would kick him off me and the next morning I would be like, ‘Do you remember?’ … He really didn’t believe it. It was like a ghost was on top of me — his eyes were open but he wasn’t really there … If I screamed, no one would hear me.”

Angel said that Deen’s boy-next-door, good guy persona was carefully crafted, and that he feared being seen for who he really was — Bryan Sevilla, which is his given name. “He basically admitted that one of his fears in life was everybody seeing Bryan and not James,” she said. “It was hard for him to put on an act of being a nice person every day … He was an asshole. He was a horrible boyfriend.” One time, he raged at her after the two of them left a party where he had seemingly been in a good mood. When she asked why he was suddenly so miserable, she claims he replied, “That’s James Deen, and James Deen is not a real person … Why do I have to put on a fake fucking act around you?’”

Angel said she never understood where Deen’s reputation for being pro-woman came from. “This is a person who literally said to me, ‘Girls in porn are holes for me to put my dick in.’” As someone who bought into that reputation, I am actively evaluating how could have better vetted Deen before bringing him on as a sex columnist for this site.

I also want to note that in the days since Stoya came forward and Angel showed her support, I’ve received a couple of messages from people I trust who know Angel (I’ve also heard from friends who know Stoya), saying they had known about his abusive treatment of her. To those who have been questioning why I have been quick to believe the allegations, well, in addition to believing the women on instinct and a matter of principle, I also trust those who have taken the time to confirm some of the specific allegations to me.

You can read more detailed recaps of Angel’s interview with the Jason Ellis Show on The Wrap and Buzzfeed.

As of today, the number of sexual assault allegations stands at seven. In addition to Stoya, Tori Lux, Ashley Fires, T.M., and Kora Peters, adult film actresses Amber Rayne (left) and Nicki Blue (right) have come forward alleging Deen raped them as well. Rayne’s story, told to the Daily Beast, is especially brutal as it occurred while they were filming a scene together. What follows is very upsetting, so a word of warning that it may be triggering for some:

“We were in a piledriver, he was fucking me in the ass and I said something like, ‘Yeah fuck me like that you son of a bitch.’ His face twisted and he came down on my face two times—close-fisted. I was punched in the face while he was still in my ass and then he starts going crazy on my butt—extreme, brutally fucking it. He just starts shoving things in to the point where he ripped it and I bled everywhere. There was so much blood I couldn’t finish the scene.”

The scene — directed by Chico Wang, who’s been described as a mentor of Deen’s, and apparently was suspected in the death of his porn star girlfriend, Haley Paige — has apparently been characterized by some fans as “the weirdest in porn.” Lang, in an interview from 2006, even alluded to what happened, saying, “It seemed I went a bit overboard when one of the girls, Amber Rayne, suddenly couldn’t finish her scene because of backdoor problems.”

Rayne has seemingly come to terms with what Deen did to her, even saying that they’ve become friends. Nevertheless, she feels it’s important to come forward with her story, to show her solidarity with the other victims. “I’ve gotten to know him on many different levels,” Rayne told the Daily Beast. “There’s a friendship that’s developed. I don’t want to betray or lose that, but at the same time this did happen, and it happened to other people that I know and love.”

The seventh woman to allege that she was sexually assaulted by James Deen is porn actress Nicki Blue, who tells the Daily Mail UK that Deen assaulted her by urinating in her mouth and raping her with a beer bottle at a party. The two had just wrapped filming on her debut film, during which she saw him slap the asses of other performers without their consent, and attended a party at’s “Kink Castle” in San Francisco. During the party, Blue, who was 21 at the time, began giving Deen oral sex — but Deen quickly became much rougher than she liked and when she tried to pull her head away, Deen would shove his penis back into her mouth.

“I kept trying to pull my head up to say something, it was too rough. But he would just push my head back in so I was choking and I couldn’t say anything. As he was doing it – this is the embarrassing part and why I didn’t say anything – he said, ‘oh my God, I have to go to the bathroom’ and he pissed in my mouth. That was it, I spit it up, I was upset. Then after that, he had the idea of putting the beer bottle up my ass. So that was done.”

Blue said Deen did not seem to care that she was upset and never apologized. Blue says that she posted about the incident on an internet forum set up by Kink, but that her post was deleted.

“After that I gave up, I thought, whatever, nothing is going to happen,” Blue told the Daily Mail. “It made me feel really sad because he seemed like such a nice guy. I see him as two-faced now, and having a sadistic, evil side.” She considered going to the police, but didn’t think she would be taken seriously, a sentiment that was expressed by a few of the other alleged victims.

“When you’re an adult actress, especially in BDSM, and you go to a cop and say ‘Oh I’ve been raped by this guy after doing a scene’, they are not going to take you seriously, like if you were a normal person,” Blue said. Since then, she has heard about how Deen “pushes people’s limits” from other female performers.

Aside from calling the allegations against him “egregious and defamatory” in a series of three tweets a few days ago, Deen and his representatives have refused to offer any comment to the media.

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