Helen Mirren Wrestles With The Ethics Of Drone Warfare In “Eye in the Sky” Trailer

Academy Award winner Helen Mirren confirms herself as a perpetual badass in the newly released trailer for “Eye in the Sky.”

Also featuring Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad, the film focuses on Colonel Catherine Powell (Mirren), a military officer who is leading a secret drone charge to capture terrorists out of Kenya. Ethical questions about leveraging lives are raised when her team realizes the terrorists are about to embark on another suicide bombing that will now leaves many dead — do they continue the plan of capture, or bomb the terrorists?

The question of ethics reaches a pinnacle when in the moment of action and decision making, a young innocent girl is spotted directly outside the terrorist fortress.

Do they spare her life, and risk others? Or do they bomb an innocent child in order to prevent further atrocities?

This looks like a promising and critical portrait of the political climate we live in. Catch it in theaters March 11.

H/T: Coming Soon