25 Women Artists & Crafters Killing It On Instagram

While Twitter and Facebook have their place, Etsy is great for making sales, and Pinterest is fun for inspiration, the social platform where many artists, makers, crafters and artisans feel most at home is on Instagram. Over the last few years, a community of mostly female creators has exploded on the app, including both professional makers and on-the-side hobbyists, many of whom have seen sales grow along with their follower accounts. And it’s truly a community, with many of these women, who live in places all around the world, shouting out each other’s talents, collaborating on projects that might never have been without the power of technology, and even trading their creations.

I’ll be writing more on the subject of how crafting and certain types of art (weaving, knitting, illustrations, ceramics) have long been treated as “low brow,” in part because they are typically the domain of women — but for now, I wanted to point you to some of my favorite female creators on Instagram. From weavers to woodworkers to tiny watercolorists, these 25 women are by no means a complete list, but through them you’ll no doubt discover more. Perhaps they will inspire you to take on a new hobby, or to buy only handmade holiday gifts this, but no matter what, they’re sure to liven up your Instagram feed.