Holy Shit, Selma Blair As Kris Kardashian Is Going To Be So Good

Guys. Hello. Look at this full-length, camp-ass trailer for Ryan Murphy’s true crime fantasia, “American Crime: The People vs O.J. Simpson,” which is hurtling towards your televisions in February. What is this beautiful thing I see before me? Look at John Travolta! Look at David Schwimmer! Look at Selma Blair in full early ’90s Kris Kardashian drag — that eyeliner, that hat, that pinched moue — going in on what is clearly the role of her life.

This is … maybe the best thing Ryan Murphy has done. This almost makes up for the abomination that was the circus season of “American Horror Story” and Kathy Bates’ “Baltimore” “accent.” Please do what you can to watch this show when it premieres February 2 on FX, you will thank me later, I promise.