Breaking: At Least 14 Dead, 17 Injured In San Bernardino Mass Shooting [UPDATED]

An ongoing mass shooting is still developing in San Bernardino, California. Police and firefighters have responded to what is still being called an “active” situation, with reportedly 12 three dead and at least 20 injured at the Inland Regional Center, a facility for people with developmental disabilities. There are reports of there being as many as three gunmen and possibly a hostage situation. People are being evacuated to safety, however details remain minimal. We will update this post with more information as it comes in. You can also watch MSNBC livestream coverage above. [NY Daily News]

UPDATE [3:44 p.m. EST]: I’ve adjusted the fatality numbers to three to reflect new, more accurate info. Police are saying that the gunman or gunmen are wearing tactical gear. Eyewitness reported the suspects wore ski masks and potentially body armor and were carrying rifles. According to CBS, the bomb squad was deployed to allegedly diffuse what was believed to be an explosive device.  The shooting apparently started just after 11 a.m. PST. [Reuters]

UPDATE [4:20 p.m. EST]: “They [Inland Regional Center] had an event today, and during that event is when multiple shooters came in and just started shooting,” Sergeant Vicki Cervantes, a San Bernardino Police Department spokeswoman, told ABC 7.

UPDATE [5:02 p.m. EST]: According to the police press conference going on right now, “upwards” of 14 people are dead in today’s shooting. The shooters have not been caught and their identities are unknown.

The Inland Regional Center was apparently having some sort of event today when the attackers entered the building and began to shoot. [CNN]

UPDATE [6:24 p.m. EST]: Police have exchanged gunfire with the alleged suspect or suspect(s) in a standoff that is still ongoing, after locating the dark SUV believed to be the suspects’ car. One suspect is reportedly down or in custody.

UPDATE [7:16 p.m. EST]: MSNBC is reporting that one suspect is down — does that mean injured? dead? unclear — one is in custody, and there may be a third still at large.

UPDATE [10:05 p.m. EST]: The third suspect has been detained, and the other two suspects, a man and a woman, are dead. One of the suspects is a U.S. Citizen named Syed Farook.