Bernie Sanders Makes Badass Speech In Support Of Planned Parenthood

In the wake of the recent tragic Planned Parenthood shooting, the beautiful uncle of both presidential politics and my heart, Bernie Sanders, took a strong and necessary stand defending Planned Parenthood and rightfully condemned Republican attempts to defund it.

In response to the vicious vitriol and misinformation being spread, Sanders eloquently stated:

“Now is not the time to continue a witch hunt for an organization that provides critical health care services, from reproductive health care to cancer screenings and preventative services to millions of Americans. No one is forced to seek care at Planned Parenthood. It is a choice, a choice millions of women make freely and proudly.”

Directly addressing the slew of horrifying and ignorant videos released this summer by anti-abortion groups, Bernie implored his colleagues to “understand that bitter, vitriolic rhetoric can have serious, unintended consequences.”

Which, given Robert Dear’s audible mumbles about “no more baby parts,” is a sentiment that should be considered with the scary true weight it bears.

When addressing the GOP moves to defund Planned Parenthood, Sanders not only condemned the ignorance and heartlessness of that motion, but stated with great conviction that he thinks funding should be expanded until every woman in need is covered.

A recent university poll showed that Sanders leads all of the GOP presidential prospects with margins ranging from 1 to 1o percent.