Tina Fey And Amy Poehler Interviewed Each Other For Glamour, And It’s A Good Time

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are the stars of the new movie “Sisters”, which comes out in time for you to see it with your actual or faux sisters on December 18th. They are also on the cover of Glamour’s “Social” Issue, which is a curious choice for a couple of nice women who have elected not to participate in social media. Thankfully, Glamour let these two interview each other, which always makes for a nice time.

The two stars talked about lots of things, from sexiness as a woman of a certain age and working with their best friend, but the nicest bit was when they were asked about their accomplishments.

Poehler: Why don’t I tell you what I think is one of your accomplishments and you tell mine? I feel weird talking about my own. I think one of your greatest accomplishments was transitioning from the captain you were at “SNL” to creating a show [“30 Rock”]. That is so hard—extricating yourself from a place you were so comfortable and successful, then doing something else so well. That, and the fact that you invented the word flerm.

Fey: [Laughs.] It’s hard [to graduate from “SNL”]. You have so much autonomy at “SNL.” So for people who come out of there…it’s only natural that you would want to take the plunge [to create a show]…to try to keep making something that you have a say in.

Poehler: You can frame [a transition like that] two different ways. You can think, Oh my God, what’s next? with a fearful sense of what’s around the corner. Or, Oh my God, what’s next? Isn’t that exciting? I didn’t have any kind of map as to what my life was going to be. So the idea that here we are in our forties—I wouldn’t even be able to predict what’s ahead. So maybe [the key to new challenges is] a bit of improv training, denial, enthusiasm—and having a nice place to land, where you feel supported if it all goes to sh-t, which feels like it’s about a year away. [Laughs.]

Fey: I would say that one of your greatest accomplishments, Amy Poehler, is that you have so successfully used your art and comedy as a source of positivity in the world, by creating Smart Girls [an online community for girls, encouraging them to be their authentic selves], by making [Leslie in] “Parks and Rec” not only a positive feminist character but creating a good-hearted worldview within that program.

Reading a conversation between two people who actually, genuinely like each other is a real treat. Imagine if all profiles were like that? What a world that would be! Anyway, Glamour sat them down on a very festive set for this bit about what to do when your best friend rolls through with a present and you have jack shit to give them in return.

“You can instantly turn a random assortment of crap into a cool and funky gift by saying an artist in North Carolina made it!” exclaims Poehler as she presents Fey with a necklace made out of a shoelace and some Sharpie caps. I love these women. You probably do too.