The Pastor Who Married Pregnant Teen Girlfriend With Wife’s Approval Is Mad About Same-Sex Marriage

I realize that is a lot to digest in a headline. But first, you must know that Thom Miller is a 60-year-old Ohio pastor who just married his pregnant teen girlfriend Reba Kerfoot – with the permission of his wife. Miller also claims he used to be a former “mafia enforcer,” although he actually went to prison for stabbing a dude in a bar fight. Oh, also he found God in prison.

Now, sure! Not my particular cup of tea! I’m a little suspicious, in general, of old uber-religious dudes marrying teen brides. I also think Miller is full of shit about the “mafia enforcer” thing, as that’s not exactly something you would talk about publicly if you hadn’t been convicted for crimes related to that and also did not want to be murdered by said “mafia.”

Anyway, Miller is now living with his first wife, 44-year-old Belinda Miller, and the new wife in their Ohio home. He says that although he’d never “preached” polygamy, he and Belinda had considered it for some time and felt that it was a lovely and Biblical arrangement.

Of course, while Miller may be allowed to have two wives and other extramarital affairs, both of the women in the arrangement are supposed to remain faithful to him.

However, Miller — being a very devout and holy man — has a bone to pick with gay people. “I have no problem with homosexuals,” Miller says, “but I think it’s wrong that their marriage is now recognized by the state, but my second marriage is not.”


Now, I don’t really give a crap if people want to be polygamous. If polygamy were legalized, I would not have a problem with it, because I don’t see it affecting my life in any way. However, just because your multiple marriages are not recognized by the state, that doesn’t mean that it’s “wrong” for the state to recognize gay marriage. If you want legal status, argue for it, but don’t say other people don’t deserve their right to marry one person until you gain the right to marry two, because that is some greedy bullshit.