Someone Come Get Hillary Clinton’s Social Media Team, Please

Here is Hillary Clinton’s current Twitter avatar, meant to celebrate Rosa Parks’ act of resistance, which occurred on this day in history in 1955.

Here is the tweet that “explains” this.

What, precisely, is going on here, then? Rosa Parks sat in the front of the bus in an attempt to exercise her civil rights. Hilary’s logo has a Rosa Parks-esque figure sitting on…a bus? The arrow in the “H” in “Hillary” is pointing to the front of the bus. Is that because that’s where Rosa sat? Is that the direction that Rosa should be headed? Is this because, as Jia Tolentino at Jezebel posited, Hilary’s campaign is a segregated bus? Is this a weird and misguided attempt at connecting with black voters and Twitter voters by a social media team hellbent on forcing Hilary down our throats as the young and hip and cool candidate that we should definitely be voting for instead of Bernie “I Had Eggs With Killer Mike” Sanders? Is this…what is this?

Please let us know your thoughts.