Joanna Angel On James Deen: “I’d Rather Not Take Credit For Releasing That Monster”

Automotive website The Drive posted a short video interview with porn entrepreneur Joanna Angel today, in which she briefly shares her disgust for former boyfriend James Deen, who’s currently the subject of multiple rape allegations. Filmed four weeks ago – well before porn star Stoya came forward as the first of now four alleged victims, Angel could not hold back her distaste when The Drive’s Nicolas Stecher asked if it was true that she discovered Deen, whom she dated from 2006-2012.

If I discovered him, then I would like to put him back where I found him,” Angel says. “I guess I don’t like the guy very much. So I’d rather not take credit for releasing that monster.”

He seems to be one of the rare people who’s been taken in,” the interviewer ventures. “I think maybe it’s because he doesn’t have tattoos, he looks very clean, he seems very safe. I think that’s why he seems more palatable than many porn stars.”

To wish Angel replied, after a brief pause: “Well, I think he sucks.”

Angel will allegedly be discussing her relationship with Deen and the allegations against him on SiriusXM’s Jason Ellis Show tomorrow.

[The Drive]