Art Week Quotable: LJ Roberts On Craft And Queerness

“Craft is all over the place – it represents everything from exquisite artisan objects to kitschy homemade trinkets, to the hip and cute items produced in today’s trendy DIY culture. Queer is most often used to describe a non-normative identity – the configurations of gender, race, sexuality, class, etc. that are viewed as ‘Other.’ Besides being difficult to define, craft and queer mirror each other in another way – they exist in the margins and are often categorized as occupying ‘low’ spaces in the hierarchical structure of visual and material culture. My knitting embraces the low and amateur to queer craft and in turn makes craft a manifestation of my queerness.”

– LJ Roberts, “Craft, Queerness, and Guerrilla Tactics: An Extended Maker’s Statement


Images via, The Wingnut
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