The AP Cuts “Rodham” From Hillary Clinton

The Associated Press announced Monday that due to an official style change, they’ll now only refer to Hillary as Hillary Clinton, officially dropping her maiden name Rodham from campaign references.

In a memo outlining the new protocol, AP political editor David Scott said:

“Therefore, AP will use simply Hillary Clinton. On second reference, she is Clinton.

If a story includes her husband, the former president, we will say Hillary and Bill Clinton, or Bill and Hillary Clinton, on first reference.

When it is necessary within a story to distinguish between the two people, AP will use Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton. We will not use courtesy titles, such as Mrs. Clinton, to distinguish between the two. AP stopped using “Mrs.” long ago.”

On first hearing this I immediately thought, “Really? They’re gonna cut her maiden name and only refer by her married name?” It instinctively elicited my side-eye, because it sounded like another sexist sleight veiled as “protocol.”

Luckily, it sounds like Hillary has not only consented to the change, but branded her campaign sans Rodham. As long as she has say, I’m down, because otherwise fuck that shade.