Surprise! The 2nd Season Premiere Of “Transparent” Will Premiere Tonight

The second season of the highly-praised and very well-done show “Transparent” is set to premiere on Amazon Prime on December 11th. But because we are all good little kittens who deserve nice things, Jill Soloway and Amazon have decided to make the season premiere available tonight, at 8 p.m EST/5 p.m. PST.

So! Send that cajoling but nice text to your dad to ask him for his Amazon Prime info [Megan, what’s your dad’s login info again? — Amelia], then treat yourself to a warm and cozy night in with the Pfeffermans. Knock out the first season again so it’s all fresh in your mind, then get right into the second season premiere, which features Sarah and Tammy’s big ol’ white wedding, which will surely work out, right?