Men Who Shot Black Lives Matter Protesters Bragged On 4Chan About Their Plans Beforehand

Four Minneapolis men are being charged today in connection with a shooting at a protest of the recent police killing of 24-year old Jamar Clark.

According to witnesses, the four men had been asked to leave the protest after yelling “Race War!!” and “Trump 2016!”, and one of them–Allen “Lance” Scarsella opened fire and shot five people.

Allen Scarsella, 23; Joseph Backman, 27; Nathan Gustavsson, 21; and Daniel Macey, 26, were apprehended last week. Scarsella, already considered a suspect by police due to his actions at a previous protest, confessed what happened to a police officer friend. According to his friend, Scarsella was known to have racist leanings and considered himself a “sovereign citizen.”

Police traced the other three through posts they had made on 4chan and Reddit bragging about their plans to come to the protest armed and disrupt things. Investigators also discovered a racist video made by Scarsella and an acquaintance.

From the police report obtained by the Star Tribune:

“Investigators have viewed a 4Chan website e-mail string where participants discussed going to the BLM protests to “stir things up” and “cause commotion.” Participants were encouraged to dress normal and look like the protesters but were told to “feel free to carry.” Investigators also viewed a video maid by J.S. and Scarsella on their way to the protest on November 19th. They refer to African Americans in derogatory terms, say they are going to do some “reverse cultural enriching and “make the fire rise.” Scarsella says they are on a “search and recovery mission and J.S. displays a handgun and ends the video with the words “stay white.”

Investigators also found communications between the four men on their cell phones from both before and after the incident, indicating their involvement. On Scarsella’s cell phone, they also found a cornucopia of pictures of him with guns and various racist imagery, including Confederate flags.

Scarsella has been charged with five counts of second degree assault and one count of second degree riot, while Backman, Gustavson, and Macey have each been charged with one count of second degree riot.

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