Let This Video Of Britney Spears Dancing To Adele Fill Your Day With Laughter And Light

As we sit and wait for the advent of the holiday season and all of its attendant charms to wash over us, I urge you to take like five minutes out of your day and watch this mesmerizing video of Britney Jean Spears, our original teen queen, execute a couple of relatively good fouetté turns as Adele’s “Hello” plays in the background.

I could dance to this song a MILLION times…love you @adele!

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Britney is definitely the kind of mom who show up to pick her kids up from school in sweatpants and a weird t-shirt and definitely spits on her finger to wipe an errant bit of something off their face in front of all of their friends. She’s the mom who maybe gets a little too lit at the PTA function and finally, after much cajoling from the other mothers, halfheartedly performs some of her “Slave 4 U” choreogprahy, before pulling her ponytail through her baseball hat and hustling herself back to her SUV, idling at the curb.

Fingers crossed that the next iteration of her endless Vegas tour features an extensive ballet interlude.