Severs Ties With James Deen Following Sexual Assault Allegations, a BDSM pornography purveyor based in San Francisco, has severed all ties with porn star James Deen following sexual assault allegations from three women, including one who said she was assaulted on a set. The company released a statement, which reads:

For the community, as well as the larger BDSM community, consent and respect are sacrosanct. Effective immediately, will cease all ties with James Deen, both as a performer and a producer.

Our performers deserve not only safe sets, but the ability to work without fear of assault. Rape or sexual assault, with or without a safe-word, off-set or on, should never be accepted as a hazard of adult production. While many of the allegations against Deen are new, the pattern is alarming. Over the coming weeks and months, we will review our Model Bill of Rights to strengthen rights of performers off-set, and work with the larger industry to help performers to have been assaulted to more easily come forward.

On Saturday, Deen’s ex-girlfriend and former costar Stoya tweeted allegations that Deen had raped her. Two additional adult film actresses women have since come out as having been assaulted by Deen, including Tori Lux and Ashley Fires, the latter of whom told the Daily Beast that she refused to ever work with Deen after he tried to rape her as she “was getting out of the shower of the communal bathroom at Kink.” Deen had been one of’s most popular performers.

Additionally, earlier today it was announced that Deen has voluntarily resigned from the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee’s (APAC) board of directors as its chairperson. APAC is the closest thing the adult film industry has to a union. “APAC recognizes the seriousness of the statements made by performers in the community and that they indicate a major conflict between a board member and other members of the organization,” the organization explained of their decision.

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