It’s Art Week At The Frisky!

Hello and welcome to Art Week at The Frisky! This week, Art Basel – one of the largest annual art shows in America – will be running in Miami Beach, from December 3-6. Can’t get to Miami? Dope! We’ll be appreciating art all week here.

Each of The Frisky’s staff members will be talking about our own experiences with and perspectives on art, and each of us will be attempting to make a DIY art project. We’ll be going behind the scenes with an art installer and at the Met, we’ll be talking about Shia LaBeouf, we’ll be discussing feeling awkward while talking about and looking at art and discussing how to not feel so awkward while talking about and looking at art. We’ll have a defense of craft and notable quotables from women and non-binary artists, and we’ll point out some cool art stuff that’s happening in Miami, across the country, and on the web.

Look for the Art Week logo (above) on our posts, and talk to us about the art you love!

Send me a line at [email protected].