No Surprise: Planned Parenthood Shooter Had Charges Of Domestic Violence And Sexual Surveillance

Robert Lewis Dear, 57, is the leading suspect in yesterday’s brutal shooting at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood facility.

Turns out Dear has a lengthy history of violent and sexual misconduct, which includes peeping tom activities of his female neighbors and violent attacks on his wife. On top of this, he also was charged with accounts of animal cruelty in 2003.

Back in 1997 after he locked his wife Pam Dear out of the house and then hit her and pushed her out of the window when she tried to get in, she did not file any charges. She “wanted something on record of this incident occurring” however. Police noted the “apparent bruises” on her body, which she says she sustained after Robert Dear pushed her in the chest.

Police in Colorado Springs say there is no motive noted yet for the shootings at this Planned Parenthood, but it is strikingly clear that Dear has a history of disdain for women and a lack of respect for them living freely.

There is no way you can separate a misogynist history from a present attack against an institution that is pro-women’s lives.

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