Facebook Announces Four Months Paid Parental Leave For All Employees

Facebook CEO and Zillionaire, Mark Zuckerberg, recently got a lot of flack for announcing he was taking a whopping two months of paternity leave to help care for his baby with wife Priscilla Chan.

The outcry was due to the fact that the rest of Facebook’s employees were not guaranteed that time – only maternity leave in the United States.

As a result, the social media company decided to extend a four month parental leave policy for all employees in the US and abroad, not just maternity leave, but extending this policy to paternity leave which is especially important for same-sex couples.

This policy will hopefully set a precedent for tech and other types of companies across the US where paid parental leave is currently pathetic.

It is also a hope that the federal government could perhaps take notice and improve its lousy policy – keeping us lagging behind all the other global developed nations.

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