Conservatives React To Planned Parenthood Shooting With All The Class You’d Expect

Yesterday afternoon, a terrorist named Robert Lewis Dear killed three people and injured nine others at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs. Reasonable people across the land were horrified and saddened.

Being that I am a glutton for punishment, however, I decided to swing on down to Breitbart and see how the commenters over there were reacting to the shooting. I do this a lot, actually, when something you’d think people would be universally appalled by happens. Mostly to remind myself that not only are these people as bad as I think they are, they are actually worse.

Both conservatives on Twitter and commenters on Breitbart both today and yesterday had about 7 different reactions to the shootings, all of which were pretty disturbing:

1. It was a bank robbery and no one can tell me different.

2. It was a “false flag” designed to make pro-lifers look bad, probably orchestrated by Obama himself.

3. Why do we have to talk about how THIS guy is bad? Why won’t the mainstream media say that women who have abortions, and Black Lives Matter activists are bad? I bet a black person also killed someone today, why are they not talking about that?

4. Who cares if three people got killed? Planned Parenthood kills all the babies!

5. No one would shoot up Planned Parenthoods if they would just let us make abortion illegal like we want!

6. Fine, I guess killing people is bad, but ALSO PLANNED PARENTHOOD IS BAD.

7. They’re just gonna politicize this and take away our guns and keep letting women have abortions even though we don’t want them to!

Charming people, these. I collected a bunch of their missives last night and tonight, for posterity, so click on through the gallery if you want to see just how much these people love and value life.