The Internet Gets Wet With The “Condom Challenge”

The newest gorgeous ripple in the trending tides of the internet is the hashtag #CondomChallenge, which seeks to promote safe sex by urging participants to fill a condom with water and drop it on the head of a friend or enemy, submerging them like a latex mermaid. The cool thing is that condoms are so strong, they don’t actually break.

Similar  to the ALS awareness #icebucketchallenge, the #condomchallenge stakes are lower both awareness and experience-wise, since there is financial impetus and it’s just a purely silly way to get wet AND promote safe sex! Plus, you can use warm water which is a game-changer if you’re gonna get soaked.

Will this #challenge fulfill it’s purpose and actually promote condom use to those that shirk them? I doubt it, but regardless, watching the videos can be a fun and comforting activity when you are dry and warm. Plus, the people posting have made it known they are equipped with condoms, for those interested.

To see more videos, follow the hashtag #CondomChallenge on Twitter and Instagram!

H/T: Papermag