Charli XCX Made A Documentary About Feminism In The Music Industry

In a cultural climate where feminism has become a buzzword, it’s hard to parse the lines between actual progress and corporate repurposing. Have women gained as much ground in the past few years as it seems, or are we distracted and seduced by a sort of “pop-feminism” that seeks to label everything feminist or not feminist, without actually digging into the roots of sexism?

These are some of the questions Charli XCX addresses in “The F Word and Me,” her recently released documentary about being a woman in the music industry. Despite the fact that feminism has become a meme or sorts, even in genres as mainstream as pop and R&B, Charli interviews fellow female musicians (with ladies as popular as to find out how much the landscape of the music industry has really changed (or not changed) for female musicians.

Combining interviews with artists as prominent and varied as Ryn Weaver, Marina Diamandis, and Jack Antonoff, this documentary does a good job investigating the firsthand experiences of women navigating the industry, and also seeks to dispel the narrative of “good feminism,” by rejecting the notion of a uniform and singular way to express feminism make “acceptable” decisions as a female artist.

Go ahead, give it a watch and see what you think!

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