Shooter At Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood Kills 3 Before Being Taken Into Custody [UPDATED]

A gunman has locked himself inside a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs in what is being called an active shooter situation. Police have the building surrounded and have already exchanged gunfire with the shooter; so far, eight nine people have been shot, including four officers. The shooter is described as “a white man in a trench coat with an assault rifle.” While it’s unclear if the shooter is motivated by an anti-choice agenda, according to the New York Times:

“Security concerns at the clinic were high enough that the clinic had a ‘security room’ with a supply of bulletproof vests, but, according to an officer on the scanner, some of the vests are still in the room, and one may have been worn by the gunman.”

To be very clear, the threat of violence against Planned Parenthood doctors and patients is of such serious concern that the clinic has a room with BULLET PROOF VESTS just incase. THAT is a form of terrorism too. Remember that when the slew of anti-choice candidates in the GOP blather on with their racism against Syrian refugees yet contribute to the “pro-life” rhetoric that more than likely motivated this shooter AND continue to oppose gun control.

I will update this post with more information as it becomes known. [NY Times]

UPDATED (6:42 p.m. EST): The shooting started over three hours ago and is ongoing. The police have said that the shooting began and continues at the Planned Parenthood, and that the incident did not involve a nearby bank, despite what some on social media are saying. The scene is not yet stabilized, and the shooter apparently brought “items” with him into the clinic, so the police require additional resources. They have called in the bomb squad. [Colorado Independent]

[Photo: Kody Fisher / FOX21 News]

UPDATED (7:08 p.m. EST): Colorado Springs’ mayor has confirmed that the shooting suspect is now in police custody.

UPDATED (9:14 p.m. EST): Police have confirmed that three people were killed in today’s shooting, two civilians and one police officer.