Brilliant Tokyo-Based Company Sends Cute Guys To Cuddle You

Have you ever found yourself awake at night wishing a verified cutie would cuddle you to sleep and listen to all your problems? I’m going to assume YES is the answer (unless you are a liar or have transcended these common desires)!

Lucky for the like-minded women of Japan, Tokyo based company Rose Sheep has tapped into that specific well of need. Their new service sends attractive men between the ages of 20-30 to your house to hold you as you fall asleep, possibly incorporating drinks or conversation beforehand at your will. The company has coined themselves a Soineya service, which translates to “accompanied sleep provider,” and they are very quick to explain they are not a prostitution service, and all of the men are thoroughly vetted for both cuteness and safety accountability.

Sessions start at a minimum of two hours, and can go as long as 16 hours, assuming the customer is prepared to pay an upwards of $350 US dollars. To inspire new clients, first time customers get a promo $50 off a nap session, or up to $90 off a full-night session!

It’s customary for the men to bring their own pajamas to these adorably weird sleepovers, but customers also have the option of dressing the men for bed themselves in the clothing of their choice, which I imagine could get pretty fucking weird and possibly wonderful, depending on who you are.

The company name Rose Sheep was inspired by combining the romance of roses, with the functionality of ‘counting sheep’ in order to doze off.

My main issue at this point is that it’s not available in the US, get over here boys!