Amelia: 10 Things I’m Thankful For This Year

Happpppy Thanksgiving, readers! Here’s what I’m giving thanks for this year…

1. My dog Lucca. I’ve dedicated whole slideshows to celebrating my dog’s wonderfulness on this here website, so I’ll keep it simple. I’m thankful for my dog because she reminds me every day, but especially on days where I find it difficult to comprehend, that I am full of love to give and deserving of that much love in return.

Blogging from my warm bed today.

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2. My mom. I love my mom so much that when my landlady told me there was an apartment available two floors above me, I told my mom she had to take it. She moves in at the end of December. I am so lucky to have such an awesome woman as my mom, someone I genuinely like and want to be around.

3. My brother. When we’re not almost coming to blows over Roman Polanski, my brother Max can be pretty rad. He’s funny and brilliant and utterly an individual. He keeps me on my toes, challenges me to think about things from different perspectives, has great taste in movies and has grown up a lot in the last few years, making me very proud.

4. The Frisky. Aside from the two humans and one dog listed above, my longest “relationship” has been with this site and our readers. The Frisky has utterly grown and evolved as I have grown and evolved, and I am tremendously thankful to have had so much freedom to play and rant and laugh and cry for these last eight years. And I am thankful for each and every one of you who chooses to read it. Even those of you who hate read, because it shows you care.

5. Weaving: Last August, I took up weaving as a hobby and have literally not stopped since. If my hands are not busy doing other things — typing, cooking, texting, masturbating, etc. — they are at the loom, meditatively making magic (magic you can buy on my Etsy!). I am saner having found this wonderful craft.

6. Chad, my squirrel neighbor. What’s there to say? Who wouldn’t be thankful to have a squirrel that lives next door and comes and eats peanuts out of your hand?

Happy Thanksgiving, Chad!

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7. Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan novels. If you haven’t read this mysterious Italian novelists epic four-book saga of a lifelong female friendship, stop what you’re doing immediately and get on that. These books are basically my favorite ever. Everything about them stuck with me, from the story as a whole, to specific lines that captured a feeling or described a person so perfectly and succinctly, to the utterly relatable relationship between the narrator Lina and her best friend Lila. They are just the best books ever. When I finished, I came thisclose to starting all over from the beginning.

8. Effexor. Over the last year or two, my depression really peaked and I switched my meds from Lexapro to Effexor and have felt my anxiety come down dramatically. So that’s cool! Still don’t quite have my depression under control, but hey, life is a journey. I’ll get there eventually.

9. My therapist. After, like, nine years, she seems to still really like me, and finds my stories interesting and my problems intriguing and my progress hopeful. I, in return, think she is the greatest. She gives me excellent guidance, is hard on me when necessary, and has helped me grow tremendously as a human being. Even if my mental state was totally flawless, I would still go see her every week.

10. Black Lives Matter. I am thankful for all of the activists who fight for the rights of women, trans people, gay people, and minorities, but I am especially blown away/moved/inspired/fired up by BLM. The movement’s resilience and strength in the face of such life-threatening bigotry is beyond words.