Instagram Will Probably Take Down The Game’s Baby Arm Soon

The Game is Instagram’s pre-eminent thirst trap and keeper of the #EggplantFriday flame, as evidenced by his uh, output, which includes astonishing pictures of his giant baby arm of a penis, encased in compression shorts, pressed against his leg like a creature trying desperately to seek freedom. Accompanied by hashtags — written entirely by him, no copywriter needed — that should be recognized as the masterworks of erotica that they are, these pics are very popular and very mesmerizing and my god, what would we do if they weren’t there to look at or set as our lock screen or whatever?

Instagram, however, sees the Game’s dick print racket and, after enough complaints from the community, TMZ reports that the social media network is “in the process” of telling the Game that the jig is up. The pictures are still up for now, so gaze upon that meat print glory while you still can. We’ve done the world a favor by preserving some of these masterpieces for you.


Doing too much, or not doing enough? You tell me. [TMZ]