Erykah Badu’s Answers For Us Weekly’s “25 Things” Feature Are The Realest Shit

Erykah Badu has handily provided the word with a 25-point guide to living a good, solid life, in the guise of the inane and low-key brilliant Us Weekly feature which reveals how the stars really, truly, are just like us. Erykah Badu isn’t like us, but the great news is that now that we have this gift, we can all try and be just like her.

Maybe it’s because Ms. Badu never really played the game to begin with, but her answers are precisely what I’d expect from a real person. Her colon is her least favorite body part (same). She has a timeout teepee, where she puts herself as needed (same). And, in what is perhaps the best two answers this entire series has ever seen, she has no allegiance to any one rapper:

19. I don’t have a favorite rapper. I have three baby-daddy rappers, so I can’t pick one or you’re messing with my child support!

20. The best thing about my ex Andre 3000 is that his checks never bounce.

Time has not changed Erykah Badu. She is eternal. She is the best.