A Man Made A Hilarious List Of Everything That Made His Wife Cry

Any comedian knows that life often gives you the very best material, and London-based comedian and writer Andrew Gillies took this to heart. For one month, he wrote down a hilarious and mostly heartfelt list of everything that made his wife cry, including gay swans and “The Babadook.”

He did like well-meaning husbands do, and posted the list on Imgur, where it’s been viewed nearly 4 million times and is probably stuck to many refrigerators across this great nation, in between baby shower announcements and wedding invites.

Here’s the full list.

  • “She found out swans can be gay and thought it was really nice.”
  • “She was hungover and saw a picture of a piglet.”
  • “I waited until it was dark and pretended to be The Babadook.”
  • “The fluffy bunny escaped from an arctic fox in a documentary.”
  • “There were no biscuits in the house.”
  • “She remembered swans can be gay.”
  • “I tried to hold her hand when she wasn’t expecting it.”
  • “I cooked her dinner after a long day.”
  • “She watched a video about a dog.”

To be fair, a lot of these things would make use about anyone cry, especially if they were in the right frame of mind. Also, as a person who does not cry very often, “The Babadook” is  a terrifying movie that I had to pause at least twice while watching, and so if someone pretended to be “The Babadook,” I would certainly burst into tears,  no questions asked.

Luckily, Gillies’ wife has a sense of humor and was totally fine with her husband sharing with the world the fact that the concept of gay swans makes her cry.  “I did ask her before I posted it online, as I didn’t want her to get any negative attention from it, as usually happens with the internet,” Gillies told the Huffington Post. “But so many people are identifying with it, maybe sensitivity is seen as something not many people talk about openly, so seeing someone show it started a rather large conversation!”

So, with the holidays looming and the threat of crying at inopportune times at a yearly high, embrace your sensitivity. Cry when you see the tree in Rockefeller Center, because it’s just so beautiful. Cry when you think about sweet potato casserole. Dry your Hanukkah tears in the light of the menorah. ‘Tis the season.

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