Trump PAC Founder Defends Assault On Black Activist At Rally

Robert Kiger, the founder of the Trump Super PAC “Citizens for Restoring USA,” popped by CNN today to discuss the whole “Trump supporters beating up a Black Lives Matter activist at a rally in Birmingham this weekend” kerfuffle with anchor Carol Costello. Despite not having actually seen the video, he was pretty sure the assault was justified.

Kiger, a weird rich white guy with glasses that are too small for his head, explained that the protestor had no right to interrupt the all-important Trump rally, and besides, if he were to show up at a Black church,  he would get beat up too.

Transcript via Raw Story:

From my perspective, I’m sick and tired of the Black Lives Matter thing,” Kiger complained. “I think it’s a farce. I think they’re there to just disrupt. Look, if they really care about black lives, they need to pick up a banner and go to the South Side of Chicago, where black lives are being slaughtered on a daily basis. If they really care about the African-American community, get up there and do something about it.”

“So they don’t have the right to protest at a Trump rally?” Costello wondered.

“No, they don’t, really,” Kiger relied. “Look, I wouldn’t go into a black church and start screaming white lives matter.”

“Would you be afraid that they would beat you up?” Costello pressed.

“Yeah! I know I’d get beat up,” Kiger insisted, adding that he would be “at least roughed up” by black church members.

Although Kiger has what I would personally describe as an especially punchable face, I’m gonna say that seems like a pretty unlikely scenario. Carol Costello also thought so, apparently, and brought up the forgiving reaction from members of the Emanuel AME Church after nine members of their fellowship with killed in a mass shooting by white supremacist Dylann Roof. Unfortunately, Kiger’s sound cut out and so we did not get to hear the delightful response he surely would have come up with.

Kiger’s insistence that the protester didn’t belong at the rally or in Birmingham, period (as it has always been a place rife with racial harmony), along with Trump’s defense of his supporter’s violence, says a lot about his campaign and what it stands for, i.e. being racist and terrible.

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