Joyce Carol Oates: “Yes, But What Does ISIS Do For Fun?”

Just yesterday, lauded writer Joyce Carol Oates gifted the internet with what might be some of the most simultaneously terrifying and hilarious reflections on ISIS I’ve seen yet. Her first of a handful of like-minded tweets read:

‘Is query naive’? I’m not sure ‘naive’ is the word I would use to describe Oates’s curiosity about ISIS’s good qualities – how about ‘irrelevant’ or ‘detrimental’? The pursuit of understanding and compassion can be a worthy one, but I’m not sure ISIS (or any terrorist organization) is the prime example of where we should challenge our empathic muscles. But Oates is a pioneer, leading us into a terrifying wilderness! Our thought leader continued to ponder:

Wait, what? Are we using terrorism to reflect on the natural modulation of culture?

In another more ISIS-specific meditative tweet, Oates posed another question:

Yes, why INDEED. Maybe the food is good?

Feeling thoroughly inspired by Oates curiosities, here’s a short list of other philosophical and practical questions about ISIS to meditate on:

  • What does a typical Friday night look like for ISIS – more Netflix and chill or meth hits and kills?!
  • What would an ISIS mix CD sound like? Did they ever have a ska phase? How does ISIS feel about the proliferation of dub-step in the EDM scene at large?!
  • Has ISIS heard about The Secret and have they ever considered using the law of attraction, rather than bloodshed, to achieve their goals?
  • Besides a major fetish for virgin-ghosts, do the men of ISIS have any sexual hangups?
  • What makes ISIS laugh? Do they know the feeling of catharsis and joy afforded through regular laughter?
  • Has ISIS ever tried journaling or keeping a dream diary?
  • Are there any certified yoga instructors in ISIS? If so, how do they feel about their implications in the widespread appropriation of yoga?

Like Oates, my interest in what makes ISIS tick is truly as limitless as their hunger for destruction. Fingers crossed we get some answers.