Hey, Is Jon Snow Alive? Because This New “Game Of Thrones” Poster Suggests He Is

Hello. “Game Of Thrones” returns in “APRIL” as this HBO tweet informs us, but the most pertinent bit of info to be gained is the fact that Jon Snow appears to be ALIVE?!

IS HE ALIVE?! Is he half-dead? Is he now a zombie? Has Melisandre somehow found a way to raise him up from the half-broken state that he was left in? Is this just a ruse? Will we open season six with a tight shot on his dumb face only to reveal that he’s on a funeral pyre and we all freaked out about it for longer than is necessary because we’re all deeply invested in the life and/or death of a fictional character?

I don’t know. No one knows. HBO knows. And we’ll find out in April.