Heroic Chinese Woman Believed To Be Dead For 10 Years, Found Living In Internet Cafe

To add to my ever-growing list of heroes: This last week a woman who was presumed dead for ten years was not only discovered alive and well, but revealed she’s been surviving exclusively in internet cafes.

Xiao Yun, who ran away from her parents at age 14, was finally found early Friday morning by cops who were doing a quick check on an internet cafe. For the past ten years Yun has been carrying a fake ID card, spending her days and nights playing the multi-player game Crossfire and dividing her sleeping hours between cafes and bath houses like

Over the last decade, most of her food has been provided by generous cafe customers, as well as the occasional cashier shifts she picked up along the way.

Upon discovering her identity, police fined her 1,000 Yuan and forced her to reunite with her beleaguered parents. Her mom admitted to having a stubborn personality and a strong temper, and swore she’ll never scold her adult daughter again.

Can we all bask in the complete beauty of this story for a moment? All Xiao Yun wanted was to play video games undisturbed and her parents just didn’t understand, so she took issues into her own hands and forged a decade of gaming and pure existence. And now, reunited with her parents, she doesn’t have to worry about being yelled at ever again. If that’s not ambition and dedication, I don’t know what is.


H/T: The Star