Donald Trump Tries To Make A Racist Point With Bullshit Statistics Favored By Neo-Nazis

Can we all agree that Donald Trump, the GOP’s current frontrunner, has gone full-blown motherfucking racist? Can we stop mincing words and wondering and implying and questioning and dancing around what we know to be true, which is that the melted-rainbow-sherbet-faced dustpan full of hair clippings with a chapped asshole for a mouth is the most ragingly racist presidential candidate since George Wallace? While evidence abounds throughout the history of his campaign – calling Mexican immigrants rapists! declaring he would track Muslims in the U.S. with a Hitler-inspired registration system! — Trump’s weekend activity alone provides proof of his ignorant, race-baiting strategy. At a campaign stop in Alabama, a Black Lives Matter protestor was kicked and beaten by Trump’s supporters (who called him the n-word and “monkey” repeatedly), which Trump later condoned. Then, at a campaign rally and on ABC’s “This Week,” he made the wildly outrageous claim that he watched “thousands” of “Arabs” in New Jersey cheer as the World Trade Center fell on 9/11, an internet rumor that has long been dispelled by the police. And then last night, Trump — or whoever runs his social media account — retweeted the following meme:

The statistics used in this meme are just FLAT OUT WRONG. According to The Washington Post:

According to data from the FBI, most whites are killed by whites, as most blacks are killed by blacks. There’s an obvious reason for that: Most people are killed by someone they know —  as is the case in 78.1 percent of homicides between 1980 and 2008, as we’ve noted before — and most people are related to and live near people who are of the same race as themselves.

Look, here’s a helpful infographic from the FBI:

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 11.11.41 AM

In addition to being totally factually incorrect, Trump’s “data” fuels the racist notion that white people should be terrified of Black people and that a race war is imminent, a scare tactic frequently used by neo-Nazis — LITERALLY. See, a Google image search (h/t Little Green Footballs) revealed Trump’s little meme was originally posted on Saturday night by a Twitter user named @CheesedBrit, whose profile features the Swastika-esque symbol associated with the pro-Nazi German Faith Movement:


It’s unclear if this particular scum lord created the meme themselves, but regardless, the Trump presidential campaign is flagrantly and shamelessly spreading blatantly made up statistics favored by racist neo-Nazis. This should disturb us all. These statistics are not “controversial” — they are LIES. They are lies that further a RACIST and VIOLENT agenda. These are the lies that Dylann Roof, the white supremacist terrorist who murdered nine Black churchgoers in South Carolina, ACTUALLY BELIEVED. And the man who, at this point, is most likely to win the GOP nomination for President is spewing them out into the world as if they are FACT. This. Is. Terrifying.

What’s worse is the fact that Trump’s Super Racist Weekend kicked off with an interview with Barbara Walters on Friday night’s “20/20″ that for all intents and purposes was a stinking pile of pro-Trump propaganda. For an entire hour, the show not only gave Trump a huge platform not offered to his competitors, but actually treated him as a reasonable candidate. Aside from briefly addressing and dismissing his more “controversial” statements about women, Walters allowed Trump’s wife and children (all of whom work for their father) to sing his praises without any pushback or criticism, positioning him as a family man and loving grandpa with a “soft side,” whose more “outrageous” statements are just Donald Being Donald, as if running a presidential campaign based on racism and Islamophobia is HARMLESS. This is not okay! Not only is it journalistically very squicky to do a puff piece on someone running for President, but it’s downright disturbing considering his campaign is based on lies, impossible to execute promises and, you know, FLAGRANT RACISM. What’s next, ABC? A “Good Morning America” segment on holiday baking with David Duke?

I keep seeing people say that the media needs to stop treating Trump like a viable candidate and to ignore him instead, but y’all, it is too late for that. The disturbing reality is that he has a real shot at the GOP nomination, and regardless of whether you think he has a chance in hell against Hillary Clinton, his campaign is and will continue to be fueled by a racist, Islamophobic ideology that threatens the lives and well-being of real every day citizens. And if we don’t take THAT seriously, we are complicit.

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