Adele’s Isolated Vocals Will Make Your Jaw Drop

It’s become fairly expected that when a person — be they a reviewer or a random fan on Twitter — writes about Adele, there’s going to be some mention of crying. Most of the time this is just an over-the-top way of saying that Adele’s music is highly emotional, not an actual factual statement about water squeezing out of one’s tear ducts. However, when I say I genuinely got choked up and shed a tear listening to these isolated vocals from Adele’s “Saturday Night Live” performance of “Hello” this weekend, I am being completely literal.

So many great singers don’t sound nearly as glorious when the musical accompaniment is stripped away, but goddamn if this didn’t make me want an entire album of JUST Adele’s voice singing. I didn’t just get chills; I shivered like it was freezing.