Pregnant Kim K Wants A ‘Push Present’ From Kanye While We Wonder What The Hell That Is

Kim Kardashian is almost ready to pop out her second child and has decided she would like a “Push Present” from Kanye, which according to celeb sources, is just a present for pushing out a child, NOT a weird drug term for peddling, well, drugs.

I thought the reward for pushing out a child was the actual kid itself, however asking for diamonds on top of that is the new thing.

According to her friends, she has discovered there is a whole new world where baby daddies and husbands are rewarding their ladies with serious bling as a token of triumph for carrying the thing for 9 months and then pushing it out.

Kim was quoted as saying:

“I like the idea of a push present — after nine months of pregnancy it’s a sweet and well-deserved thank you. We women go through an entire pregnancy carrying a baby … of course it only makes sense that we get something amazing to show how amazing we are! LOL!”

Kim’s personal desire is a Lorraine Schwartz diamond choker. I know! Get a matching rattle for your new nugget! Get to work Kanye.