Patti LaBelle Takes Credit For Sold Out Pies, Discrediting Pie Video Auteur

Patti LaBelle has definitely seen James Wright Chanel’s video extolling the virtues of the sweet potato pie that has her name and face on it. But instead of acknowledging the fact that the viral nature of said video made her goddamn pies sell out in WalMarts across the country, she told a TMZ cameraman, “I did it myself,” swiftly discrediting Chanel’s impact on the spike in sales.

For those of you living under a rock, here is the video.

Was there ever anything so joyous? So pure? So full of unadulterated pleasure? Have you ever seen anyone so happy to be eating a mass-produced sweet potato pie? Wouldn’t you buy anything this man endorsed, from garbage bags to your next car? Patti, I know it’s your name on that pie, but give credit where credit is due.