Oh Hey, Look At That Shiny New Commenting System, How Pretty!

Hello! Perhaps you have noticed that in the last few minutes, our commenting platform changed! If you haven’t noticed, please take a moment to scroll down.

Welcome back! So, we’ve switched from Disqus aka Disqusting, LOLOL JK, to Spot.IM, which is used by such other media outlets as EW.com and Time Out. It seems to be kind of fancy and cool, with neat things to click on and stuff. Anyway, some important things to note:

  • If you have a Disqus login already, you will be able to log in to Spot.IM with that info as soon as the migration of all of our Disqus info is complete, which should be by Monday or Tuesday at the latest.
  • Until then, you can comment as a Guest or create a new Spot.IM commenter account.*
  • Once the Disqus migration is finished and you’re able to login using your Disqus info, you will be able to access and edit your old comments.
  • See that little plus sign hanging out on the right side of your browser screen? Click it! It’s your newsfeed. Once you are able to login (or create a new Spot.IM login), that will start to fill up with other conversations and content that might interest you, based on your own activity.

If everyone can do me a solid and hold off on emailing me questions/complaints/issues until AFTER the Disqus migration is complete and you’ve at least attempted to login or sign up with a new account, that would be awesome. I’m sure our tech team appreciates it too, because I’m just going to be forwarding your emails on to them. :)

*If you are someone who we have banned(repeatedly!) in the past, your banishment still applies and you will be banned from commenting through Spot.IM as well. #sorrynotsorry