New Survey Shows 25 Percent Of Men Believe They Also Suffer Symptoms Of PMS

If I had a dollar for every time I heard a facepalm-inducing joke in which the punchline is: “Women are scary and dumb because they menstruate! LOL!” I would AT LEAST be able to pay rent with it next month. Which is to say, it’s a long lived-out cliche that is (luckily) slowly dying in a fire of eye-rolls.

That being said, a recent survey conducted in the UK revealed that 26 percent of men believe they experience similar monthly symptoms, including increased appetite, feeling bloated and marked irritability. Although there is technically no scientific backing for men having hormonally-regulated PMS, there have been studies that look at regular hormonal changes in men.

Men who believe they experience PMS are not alone –¬†researcher Jed Diamond coined the term “Irritable Man Syndrome” in the early 200os during his foray into research. He even has a useful quiz men can take to determine whether they suffer from IMS.

There are people who disagree with Jed’s theories, and frankly “don’t believe” the realities of men experiencing these symptomatic cycles, to which I say: WELCOME TO HAVING ANY EXPERIENCES AS A WOMAN. But truly, this doesn’t surprise me at all, since men are humans like women and just as capable of having shifts in hormones. I have definitely been yelled at by bloated, irritable men for “looking at them mean” when saying something as basic as “hey.” I don’t say this out of condemnation, but solidarity, because having your hormones twist themselves inside out, whilst being aware of how irritable you are but unable to fix it IS HELL.

So, welcome to this feminized circle of hell. I’m on your team, that is, until you try to leverage this to justify some male privilege bullshit.


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