Attention Men: Putting Glitter In Your Beard Isn’t The Best Idea

Glitter is the scourge of the crafting world, a pernicious sparkly pest that adheres to every surface and unpacks its bags to stay for the long haul. Effective removal of glitter nail polish requires feats of strength and a professional sander; mid-2000s forays into body glitter meant finding errant flashes of sparkle all over your entire house and body for months. Glitter belongs in kindergarten classrooms – it does not belong anywhere near your face, which is why this glitter beard situation needs to be nipped in the bud.

Complex reports on the dubious “trend” of #glitterbeards, in which men with facial hair thickets roll themselves in glitter and then leave their house, looking like that time your dog fell face first into some errant peanut butter and then some Triscuit dust.

Men, don’t. I mean, do, if you want — live your life, it’s chill. Just don’t expect anyone to let that thing anywhere near them.