CNN Suspends Correspondent For “Editorializing” By Expressing Sympathy Towards Syrian Refugees

Last night, CNN suspended global affairs correspondent Elise Labott for two weeks for posting the following tweet:

She later tweeted an apology for “editorializing,” calling her tweet “inappropriate and disrespectful.”

CNN’s decision to sideline Labott for the next two weeks is no doubt due to their utterly arbitrary, pick-and-choose “commitment” to non-partisan journalism. By expressing emotion towards the thousands of Syrian men, women and children who would find it even more difficult to attain refugee status in the U.S. if the House-approved bill goes into effect, Labott was showing bias. Bias towards showing some semblance of empathy for the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free. That she did so in a manner that places the House’s vote within the context of history by referencing a gift from France, as Will McAvoy pointed out? Well, that’s practically unforgivable! I’m surprised she didn’t get fired!

Now, if you’re like me you’re probably thinking, Wait, CNN is also the network that employs that dipshit Don Lemon ! “Editorializing” is practically his middle name! He’s never been suspended — what’s up with that?! Well, according to The Washington Post, Lemon is “licensed to express opinions on air on the condition that they’re not ‘predictably partisan.'” (I’m not sure how Labott’s tweet can be considered “partisan,” when a whole bunch of good for nothing Democrats joined Republicans in voting for the bill, but I digress.) So that means, while Labott is sitting in timeout for the next two weeks for having a little moral courage, Lemon is free to continue editorializing in the inappropriate and disrespectful manner he’s become known for. Like:

  1. Demanding to know why one of Bill Cosby’s accusers did not simply “use teeth” while he was orally raping her.
  2. Holding up a sign with the N-word on it during a live TV news broadcast.
  3. Advocating for using corporal punishment against children (and dogs).
  4. Agreeing with the aggressively partisan Bill O’Reilly that black people need to “pull up [their] pants.”
  5. Suggesting that the Malaysian airplane’s disappearance might have caused by something “supernatural” or in a “black hole somewhere,” like on the show “Lost.”
  6. Comparing a real prisoner of war to a fictional character on “Homeland.”
  7. Shouting at his guests, like rapper Talib Kweli.
  8. Making racially-charged statements about protestors in Ferguson, like that there was “the smell of marijuana in the air.”
  9. Supporting racist stop-and-frisk policies.
  10. Saying he doesn’t support equal pay for equal work.
  11. Making blatantly Islamophobic assumptions, like asking Muslim-American human rights lawyer Arsalan Iftikhar whether he “supports Isis.”

Anyway, this is yet another reason why I’m so relieved that The Frisky is no longer owned and operated by Turner Broadcasting, owners of CNN, because if we were, I would not be able to say in all caps, bold, underlined, headline font:



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