Panic, I Guess, Because L.L. Bean Boots Are Back-Ordered Once Again

It’s happening, ahhhh, it’s happening: L.L. Bean’s highly-coveted Bean boots are back-ordered for the third year in a row.

According to the Boston Globe, despite the company hiring 200 new employees and purchasing a second machine that makes the rubber bottoms, there are still 50,000 people waiting for their shoes. If you’re one of the aggrieved, complaining in line at brunch about this while you scroll through Instagram, please take note of just how hard these boot artisans are working to make sure that everyone gets their goddamn boots as quickly as possible.

So, at a factory the size of two football fields in the small coastal town of Brunswick, 300 people work nearly round the clock, churning out about 2,200 pairs of L.L.Bean’s signature boots each day. The factory rarely closes, and some workers clock in six days a week.

Do you hear that, Becky? These people are literally working more than you do to make sure that you can have your boots. Give up the ghost without yelling too much. Buy these instead.

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