Just Look At This Asshole: Ben Carson Compares Syrian Refugees To Rabid Dogs

Ben Carson, candidate for world’s worst bedside manner, took some time during a Mobile, Alabama, stump speech to say some pretty horrid things about refugees fleeing the ongoing violence in Syria, going so far as to compare them to rabid dogs.

Here are his charming statements, via Reuters:

“If there is a rabid dog running around your neighborhood, you’re probably not going to assume something good about that dog,” Carson, a front-runner in some opinion polls, said Thursday at a campaign event in Mobile, Alabama.

“By the same token, we have to have in place screening mechanisms that allow us to determine who the mad dogs are, quite frankly,” the retired neurosurgeon said, criticizing President Barack Obama’s plan to admit 10,000 Syrian refugees within a year.

Now, I realize that certain things, like foreign policy and whether or not he was accepted to West Point, are somewhat beyond Carson’s ken. But could he not have taken two seconds to Google around a little bit and check out what our “screening mechanisms” are before suggesting we don’t have them? If it is at all helpful, I just wrote a thing on them!

But really, in what world is it at all acceptable or appropriate to compare people fleeing persecution in a war-torn country to rabid dogs? That’s just not OK. In fact, that is a horrible and vicious thing to say. How on earth is this a person who is running for president? And has a lot of supporters? I just don’t get it.