Conspiracy Theory Debunked: Jennifer Lawrence Is Just REALLY Bad At Walking

Famous klutz Jennifer Lawrence sat down with America’s other favorite “klutz,” Jimmy Fallon, to discuss fame, being eternally beloved, and their continued inability to stay on their feet.

“Between both of us, we’ve gotten more press for tripping and falling than anyone,” says Fallon. Yes, that’s true. Fallon’s falls seem a little more suspect, but Lawrence apparently just isn’t that good at walking. Her heels get caught on her dress. She’s clumsy and ungainly like a teen in the throes of a growth spurt. Look! Awww. There she goes again.

“You’re so fun,” Fallon says, after Lawrence recounts a charming ditty about how she spilled yogurt on the plane the day before, making all of first class (I assume) smell like sour milk.

That J-Law! She’s just like us.

[h/t Vulture]