Throw All Your Money At “Paper Chase,” A Teen Comedy For Black Girls Everywhere

Go gather all of your loose change, your bagel money and the crumpled dollar bills you have collecting in the bottom of your purse and throw each and every one of them at this Kickstarter for “Paper Chase.”

Made by Angela Tucker, the director of  “(A)Sexual” and “Black Folk Don’t”, and Lauren Domino, a New Orleans-based filmmaker and producer, “Paper Chase” tells the story of Alicia, a college-bound teen who finds herself in a pickle when she discovers her college dorm balance is unpaid. Enlisting the help of her friend Jamila and her mother Valerie, she does what she can to scrounge up some scratch to take care of her business. Hijinks, as they say, ensue.

Tucker and Domino are fans of teen comedies like “Superbad” and “Sixteen Candles” but noticed that all of these seminal works were missing one very important thing — black people. So, they set out to tell a story that reflects the New Orleans that they know, populated by people that look like them. From their Kickstarter :

Owning that the black experience isn’t monolithic this project speaks to black life we haven’t seen on camera before. The film’s lead characters are all women of color, actively working to take control of their lives and sexuality. It’s important to us to show the experience of black women on screen not of suffering but of comedic joy and agency.

If you want to do what you can to help these gals really get after it, go go go to their Kickstarter. You have until December 4th. Get on it.