Rihanna To Bless Us With MaRihanna, Her Very Own Weed Line

In a beautiful synergy of personal brand and life philosophy, Rihanna is bringing the masses her own line of weed and edibles. It’s called “MaRihanna,” which is the best name in the entire world, and will hit Colorado sometime in 2016. According to Radio.com, the line will feature a few different strains including Karribean Kush, Haitian Haze and Jamaica High Grade, along with a variety of edibles, which is the most exciting news of all!

While the Rih-branded strains of flower are thrilling in their own right, the edibles are the most appealing. I wonder an awful lot about Rihanna, but one of my favorite things to think about celebrities is what their stoned snack of choice would be. Does Rihanna eat Combos and truffle fries, like I would were I living my best life? Does she like oatmeal? Would she dip Triscuits into a container of beer cheese? Most importantly, what foodstuffs will she choose as her vehicle for MaRihanna?

I want more than just gummies and the occasional brownie, Robyn Rihanna Fenty. Give us truffles! Give us tiny, perfect squares of chocolate that don’t taste like a res hit. I have faith in you, girl. Give the people what they want.



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