ISIS Now Has A 24-hour Online Help Desk

To add to your growing mental bank of Horrifying Realities, it’s been recently exposed to the larger public that ISIS has added a 24-hour online help desk to their expanding web presence. The discovery was made by Dr. Aaron Brantley, of the Combating Terrorism Center with the US Military Academy at West Point, who reported that the help desk is dedicated to teaching ISIS members how to use encryption and share various techniques for digital security so they can recruit and spread propaganda more efficiently and less detectable by authorities.

As ISIS grows and members become more decentralized, their reliance on efficient web-communication also grows. Brantley said after spending hundreds of hours studying their help desk he’s determined that it’s run around the clock by six overheads, and actively trains everyone from the newest recruit to the most seasoned veteran.

Brantley speculated that the success of the most recent attacks on Beirut and Paris are likely due to increased and streamlined communication among members in disparate countries. The ability for them to move under Paris’s thorough intelligence surveillance is beyond disconcerting, and confirms that online planning has increased their momentum.

In lieu of this, Anonymous recently declared war on ISIS, stating they intend to halt their communications and spread of propaganda through “massive cyber attacks.”

God speed, and good riddance.