Here’s An American Hero Wearing An American Flag As A Hijab On Fox News

Megyn Kelly used her Fox News dog and pony show today to discuss Donald Trump’s statement about closing down mosques in response to the attack in Paris. “We’re opening up a very dangerous door if we get the government getting to go into a religious institution and decide what amounts to hate speech,” she said to her two guests, Katrina Pearson, a Trump representative, and Saba Ahmed, the president and co-founder of the Republican Muslim Association.

Pearson jumped on this nugget and said a lot of words that might as well be balloons full of hot air that smells like farts. Ahmed, to her credit, looked beatific. “Megyn,” she said in the measured tone of a patient woman, “we go to the mosque to pray.”

I had to turn this off because Fox News gives me agita, but I’m with Jia Toleratino at Jezebel – the good ol’ stars and stripes worn as a hijab is pure shade.