Genius Chef Turns Big Mac Into Sushi Roll

There are very few ways to make a Big Mac classy, but Master Sushi Chef Hiroyuki Terada manages in the video above, by deconstructing a Big Mac and reconstructing it as a sushi roll. To be fair, Chef Terada also adds ingredients to the Big Mac – avocado, tomato, BBQ sauce, spicy mayo, and some greens – but they’re small accoutrements to what at heart is still Big Mac sushi.

The best part of the video is listening to Chef Terada talk about how much he likes eating Big Macs and Filet o’ Fish sandwiches (around the seven-minute mark, if you’re interested), although it may be naive of me to believe that chefs have pristine taste in food, themselves. Terada’s channel, Diaries of a Master Sushi Chef, also has instructional videos on how to construct more traditional sushi rolls, in case you’re not dying to sushi your burgers.


[h/t and gif via BOOOOOOOM!]

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