Thanks, Internet: Someone Compiled 6 Months Of Masturbation Data Into One Infographic

Have you ever been interested in knowing precise and exhaustive data about one person’s masturbation habits? Like, not a specific person, just a random anonymous dude on the internet? If so, you’re in luck, because redditor KarlRyker (real name? unclear) has been tracking his masturbation habits for six months and has compiled them into one infographic.

The consensus around this is that if our friend Karl isn’t married, isn’t dating, is a virgin, has sometimes up to 80 minutes a day to spend on a single masturbation sesh, is fascinated with masturbation, and won’t disclose his age, chances are he’s a data-collection wunderkind teenager, or is possibly college-aged (statistics major?). This infographic stands as a testament to modern fascination with infographics, because you know you’re gonna read the whole thing, and as a testament to internet narcissism (“I’m jacking off and I want you to know allllll about it!”). It is also, maybe, the first product of a great burgeoning data journalist.

Anyway, Karl, you do you, and maybe start measuring some data about other hobbies, too.

masturbation infographic

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